pastor and familyNathaniel Pringle serves as the Church Planter/Pastor of ECBC. He desires to see believers in the greater Cincinnati area equipped to effectively build the body of Christ. Because such equipping takes place through the living Word of God, Pastor Pringle’s vision centers on accurately delivering Bible truth. This vision includes weekly expositional messages, Bible-centered counseling, and interactive discipleship.

Before coming to Cincinnati, Pastor Pringle spent nine years mentoring and discipling young men in a university setting. His passion to see men developed into God-loving, Christ-following leaders carries over to church planting. Discipling men to take the spiritual lead in their homes, jobs, churches, and communities forms a major emphasis of ministry.

Nathaniel’s primary pursuit is the establishment of Eastside Community Bible Church. He enjoys preparing to bring the Word, fellowship with those currently attending, and better acquainting himself with the area and people of East Cincinnati. Spending time with the family also ranks high on his priority list. Discipling his two daughters is a joy as they daily amaze him with growing vocabularies and limitless reservoirs of energy and creativity.

Katie’s calling as a wife and mother keeps her occupied full-time! She seeks to maintain well-ordered home and disciple her daughters alongside Nathaniel. She enjoys the fellowship with the ladies in the church and sharing each other’s burdens through times of prayer and conversation. Her goal is to be a helper in the ministry and faithful in her roles at home.


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